Sponge Cake

spoge cake
Sponge Cake spoge cake


Low-calorie dessert option :According to information from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the amount of calorie found in one piece of sponge cake equals 187 calories, which fulfills only 9 percent of the recommended daily caloric intake. In 187 calories of a one-piece sponge cake, the components are 77 percent of carbohydrates, 13 percent of fats, and 10 percent of protein. You may also read about the Health Benefits of Fruitcake

Good source of energy :What better way is there to boost your energy than byeating a delicious piece of cake? Everyday our body is in constant need of energy supply, which is majorly met by consuming carbohydrates. The amount of 77 percent of carbohydrates in a sponge cake is contributed by the flour (and sugar) ingredient. You may also read about the Health Benefits of Rice Cakes

The carbohydrates particularly contain glucose, which is the main (and only) source of energy for the brain and the nervous system, as well as the muscle tissues. The amount of fats in a sponge cake also adds up to the energy fuel.

High antioxidant activity with wheat powder
If you are concerned about the high carbs found in the flour of a sponge cake, worry no more. Many food researchers (yes, some people do conduct research on cakes, a lot of them actually), have attempted making sponge cakes with alternative type of flours which may provide added health benefits, including wheat flours, wheat-chickpea flours, mugwort powder, tigernut flour, and breadfruit flour. You may also read about the Benefits of Rice Cake and Peanut Butter

These attempts on baking creativity breeds health benefits. The wheat powder itself has numerous health credentials, but it is mostly known to contain high amount and variable antioxidants, including phenolics, flavanoids and luteins. All which function to fight free radicals to prevent cellular damage in our body, hence preventing diseases such as cancer and other chronic inflammatory diseases. You may also read about the Health Benefits of Cheese Pizza

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