How to Prepare Moin Moin (with Peeled Beans)

 Moin Moin (with Peeled Beans)

Moin Moin “Moi Moi” is another creative way of eating beans. In previous articles, we discussed the awesomeness of beans in the preparations of Gbegiri soup and Akara balls. Moi Moi may be made from either pureed raw beans (either drum beans or black eyed beans) or beans flour (ground or powdered beans).

Moi Moi been a staple in the diet of many cultures especially here in Nigeria is fondly called ” Bean cake” because of its cakey form after cooking.

How yummy your Moin Moin tastes lies in your choice of ingredients. Some of us prefer to add meat stock, boiled Titus fish, ground crayfish or boiled eggs (whole or sliced), as the case may be, trust me, you won’t like your Moi Moi tasting too ordinary.

To retain the nutritional value of Moi Moi, it is only advisable to avoid the use of palm oil, rather, the use of vegetable oil is encouraged.

Beans contains enough magnesium and potassium to enable the healthiness of the blood vessels in the human body which in turn regulates the blood pressure.

Moi Moi is very nutritious and has very highly fiber content. Fiber helps slow down the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the blood stream and reduces the risk of having heart disease and stroke.

How to peel raw beans for Moin Moin

Endeavor to peel the bean coat by soaking raw beans in clean water (usually overnight), if not overnight, soak for hours till the bean coat is visibly soft, then remove bean coats by scrubbing your palms filled with beans against one another.

Once this is done, sieve to separate the peeled beans from the coats completely. Then rinse properly until is the beans comes out clean.

Pour washed beans in blender bit by bit (depending on quantity), add scotch bonnet, tatashe, onions then blend all together. This blended content will result in “bean puree”.

Please note that, Moi Moi puree must be less thick than that of Akara, hence, warm water should be added to the puree to achieve the needed texture.


Beans puree

Warm water

Vegetable oil

Titus fish /meat stock/boiled eggs /ground crayfish

Cooking Margarine (melted)

Nut meg; powdered or grated (optional)

Salt to taste

Seasoning cubes

Pre-Cooking Procedure

Mix all ingredients (except warm water) together to form the batter for Moi Moi. The warm water is needed, if and only if the batter is too thick. The batter needed must be lighter as compared to that of Akara balls where a relatively thick paste is needed.

A very smooth batter must be reached by properly mixing in a circular motion with either a wooden paddle or with a mixer.

Now that we have the smooth batter, any of the following should be considered as cooking tool based on convenience.

  1. Nylon
  2. Small sized air tight containers
  3. Recycled tin
  4. Moin Moin leaves

This article intends to make use of nylon as its cooking tool.

Moin Moin with Nylon Moin Moin How to Prepare Moin Moin (with Peeled Beans) Moin Moin e1533917285285

Cooking Directions

Cooking time: 50 minutes

  •  Portion this batter with a measuring cup into the nylon, ensure the batter does not fill up the nylon to allow for Moin Moin expansion while cooking.
  • knot the nylon at the tip and place each of this portion in boiling or boiled water.
  • Cook with medium heat only, when it’s done, remove from heat and serve.

Moin Moin may be served with Rice, Pap(Ogi), Custard, Plantain, Oatmeal, Bread.



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