normal eating Habits Post-Ramadan

Getting back to your normal eating Habits

normal eating habits normal eating habits normal eating Habits Post-Ramadan eating habit e1528963454461Muslims have left the habit of eating 3 square meals per day on the course of worshiping ALLAH during the Holy month of Ramadan. During the holy month of Ramadan, the body system is getting use to receiving foods at specific time. However, getting back to 3 square meals might be a bit difficult which is why I have gathered some tips to ease you into your normal eating habits.


Eid is observed after the Last day of fasting to mark the end of that year’s Ramadan. It is a glorious occasion which comes with joy and happiness, followed by giving of alms and a feast of various and delicious foods. However, consuming these foods after Eid without care can bring about shock to your body system and can trigger undesirable side effect like indigestion and even purging, this is because the body system is not back to your normal eating habits. Following these simple tips will help the body system get back to normal eating habits.


Tips to get back to normal eating Habits

  • Eating your main meals close to time for Sahur and Iftar. This a very good start to get back your normal eating habits.
  • Eating fruits like dates before Fajr prayer is a good way to start.
  • After prayer, it is recommended to take something light.  This includes water, milk or yogurt preferably with less or zero fat.
  • Eating something light for breakfast before Eid is a very good idea.  Few slice of bread with butter, germ or dates. Cereals with low fat such corn flakes with milk, low fat cheese are all good for a  light breakfast.
  • Substituting sugar with honey. For those of that like tea for breakfast, as this will be highly nutritional to the dish and add richer taste.
  • During the Eid Feast, you must limit your food portion sizes. This will reduce the risk of undesirable side effect like indigestion, heart burn and purging.

I hope these tips are useful. It makes you enjoy Eid in healthy style and help you get back to your normal eating habits.


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