Home made Nigerian Bean Porridge

Author: Jumai Jumah

Nigerian Bean porridge

Bean porridge is a prevalent food in Nigeria especially in the western part, and you will find most home prepare it at least once a week. It’s more of a comfort food and it’s easy to prepare. It can be cooked in various ways which gives it more taste, color, heaviness and most importantly added nutrient. After trying with countless recipe, I realised it taste better without bouillon cubes and blended tomatoes, instead I add more onions. I prefer cooking bean porridge this way because it has a distinctive taste which I love compared to when I add bouillon cubes.  Its preferable to use brown honey beans but black-eyed pea would do just fine although it usually takes more time to soften compare to the brown beans. I used black-eyed pea for this specific recipe because brown beans are unavailable in this part of the world.

Nutritional Benefits

Beans are widely known as a source of protein; Iron, carbohydrate and they also have a significant amount of soluble fiber. They can be found in most part of the continent although varying in color and shapes and prepared in different ways. It is one of the most staple food in Africa and it is used to prepare various kinds of recipe.


Ingredients for Bean Porridge

500g Black-Eyed Peas or Brown Honey Beans

2 Onions Chopped

1-2 tbsp Grinned Crayfish

¼ cup Dry Crayfish or freshly steamed Mackerel Fish, deboned

2 tbsp blended scotch Bonnet or 1 Tbsp dry pepper

100ml Palm Oil

Salt to taste



Prep Time: 30 mins

Cooking Time: 60-80 mins

Difficulty: Easy

Bean Porridge  Bean Porridge Home made Nigerian Bean Porridge 2nd bean porridge

  • Put uncooked beans in a tray and pick out the bad beans and stones mixed with it. Soak in water for 30 mins then strain the beans and set aside.
  • Fill a deep pot or pressure cooker with water and place on medium heat, add the beans. Ensure the water covers the beans completely.
  • Once the water start boiling, add the chopped onion as it helps to soften the black-eyed bean quickly. You can delay adding the onion if you’re using brown beans. Cover and let it cook till soft for about 45 mins to 1hr.
  • Check for doneness by poking or smashing a bean with your finger tips to see if its super soft. If not, then add ¼ cup of water or more depending on the hardness of the beans.
  • Add in the blended scotch bonnet or dry pepper, grinned crayfish, dry crayfish or shrimps, palm oil and salt to taste.
  • Cover and let it cook for 5 more minutes or until the oil has blended well with the bean.
  • Remove from heat and let it sit for few minutes before serving.

Serve alone or with your favorite sides like Plantain, Bread, Garri, Fried Yam, Pap, or Custard.

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