Health Benefits of Ewedu (Jute leave)

Health Benefits of Ewedu

Health Benefits of Ewedu are under emphasized. It is a very popular leave across the globe. Philippens call it “Saluyot leaves” and Egyptians call it Molokhiya leaves.Health Benefits of Ewedu Health Benefits of Ewedu Health Benefits of Ewedu (Jute leave) Ewedu benefits



Nigerians, especially in the western part of the country,   Ewedu leave is mainly consume in form of a draw (ooyo) soup alongside with gbegiri (beans soup) and swallow most especially Amala.  Egyptians consume  Ewedu leave as Molokhiya soup and it is often served with bread or rice. In other parts of the world it is being dried and stored for medicinal purpose.

I believe this content should change some people’s perspectives about Ewedu. I mean people of the type I don’t eat Ewedu smiles…

Health Benefits of Ewedu Breaked down


According to the Philippines department of Agriculture, Ewedu leaves are beneficial either fresh or dried. They are very rich in antioxidants like vitamin E, A and C which are very good for the body cells in fighting diseases. It also sharpens vision and improves fertility. These trio vitamins keeps you fit and makes the skin look younger. This is where the story of Cleopatra’s beauty comes in.

Minerals and Other Vitamins

Minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium are present in Ewedu leaves.

Each play an important role is keeping the body system healthy. Research has found that a high sodium diet with low potassium in take influences vascular volumes and tends to elevate the blood pressure. Ewedu leaves possess both minerals which will result in sodium potassium balance. The leave also contain B-vitamins which act as a catalyst in extracting nutrients from food during digestion.

Usefulness of Dried Ewedu Leaves

In some part of the world like Philippine, dried Saluyot (Ewedu) leaves can be use to make medicinal tea. The tea is a remedy for blood pressure, headaches, gastrointestinal problems and cholesterol.

Health Benefits of Ewedu Health Benefits of Ewedu Health Benefits of Ewedu (Jute leave) Dried Saluyot leave
Generally Ewedu leaves are very good for slimming down.



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